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Repair Manager

Managing repairs

Creating service reports, sending quotations and tracking the repair history can be done easily in one place. This is the main work area of your technician. Each repair job and device has a unique job reference number which helps you to locate quickly.

job processingJob processing overview


Device and defect details

This area contains all necessary information regarding the defect mobile phone device. Your technician has all the needed information to correct the faults quickly.

mobile-phone-failure-descriptiondevice failure description


Repair job processing

We have developed a repair task oriented user interface which is customized for technicians, fully configurable and reduces the user interface to the special requirements of the operators. We have worked hard to keep the workflow fast and easy. 

technician repair toolMain work area for technicians

Benefits of Repair job processing:

  • Effectively, fast and easy repair job processing
  • All necessary fault information in one place
  • Repair job timekeeping
  • Create quotes fast and easy
  • Add notes and track actions
  • Set job priority
  • Repair status customizing

Repair progress

You should know how long it takes to repair mobile phones. Timekeeping helps you optimizing internal repair worksteps by recognising repair time. 

repair progress timeTechnician timekeeping


Repair and client notes

Never miss important informations. Take notes when your customer calls you. Each note is protocolled. You will allways know who did what to which repair job and when. Your team gets a full transperency of each mobile phone repair job.

repair notes  Note protokoll