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Trigger Points

This feature helps you to automate your whole repair process by creating several trigger points. Create a triggerpoint to get notification when repair jobs are overdue. Triggers will automate the process of sending emails, sms or notifications. You can assign automated actions by automatic sending email, SMS or notification after booking new jobs, confirming quotation by the client, finishing repair by the technician etc. 

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Setup Triggers

Templates can be defined in the template section to specify which information needs to be sent to the client or repair shop or both. A trigger can be activated and de-activated any time. Emails and SMS can be sent to multiple receivers in one time.

Trigger points can be activated after:

  • Booking new Job
  • Sending out quotation
  • Quotation confirmation by client
  • Routing out device to external repaircenter
  • Completed device
  • Device picked-up by client
  • Shipment in
  • Shipment out