Spam Policy

By using RepairCMS you agree to the Spam Policy.
We have zero tolerance for spam. RepairCMS may not be used to send bulk or unsolicited messages. We monitor all activity for violations and will delete any affected accounts found to be in violation.

We also take spam complaints from our users seriously and investigate all spam reports. All accounts reported for spam are deleted immediately.

You are responsible for the messages you send through RepairCMS. Our support team performs reviews, reserves the right to delete any account for the reasons mentioned below:

  • Sending hold with vulgar pronunciation
  • Sending content that violates the law
  • Sending pornographic content
  • Sending content that infringes copyright or intellectual property rights
  • Sending content that knowingly contains false information about you or others
  • Sending content that defames others
  • Sending content that contains confidential information
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