RepairCMS have been updated

time to update repaircms


We are very much delighted to let you know that today we have updated RepairCMS cloud software
with 45 new powerful features. This massive update brings you to the next level.


parts management 

Spare Parts & Stock Management

We have integrated a completely new parts and stock management system. 

  • New multilevel category structure for parts
  • New supplier structure with contact details and supplier prefix
  • Option to define stock locations with box labels for parts
  • Part definitions to define own labels for part naming  (product code, in stead of part code ...)
  • Option to define part labels
  • Part color
  • Unique system barcode per part
  • Option to add 3 extra barcodes per part
  • Option to assign different suppliers with different cost price per part
  • Option to assign part to brand / model / symptom (for sales pricing)
  • Option to upload multiple files per part
  • Option to print part labels
  • Option to import parts through MS Excel template
  • Option to download MS Excel template (for import) based on part definitions
  • Option to book-in parts by supplier and shipping number
  • Autocomplete or part selection popup for book in parts
  • Option to print part label for booking
  • Part book-out to view parts booked out which are used in jobs
  • Part reporting to see stock values by selected date
  • PDF export for part reporting
  • Excel export for part reporting
  • Recommended parts for selecting parts by technicians in job process
  • New part selector in job process by autocomplete
  • New part selection popup in job process
  • Auto pricing when selecting part in job process
  • Auto stock deduct when part selected in job process
  • Auto stock add when selected part deleted in job process


  Please folow these steps to setup your spare parts & stock environment


Spare parts recommendation

Each part can be assigned to defect symptoms. The system looks for the defect and recommends you the needed spare part.
mobile spare part recommendation



repaircms messenger1 

B2B Communcation Messenger / Quotations

We have added a job focused messaging feature wich connects you to your partners more easier then before.

  • Communication module between Repair Center and Partners
  • Notifications for partner quotations with clickable links to jobs
  • Notifications for partner communications with clickable links to jobs
  • Auto trigger (email,sms,notification) when partner confirms partner quotation
  • Auto trigger (email,sms,notification) when sending messages in partner communications
  • Option to make quotations for partners
  • Option to accept / reject quotations by partner admin panel



book repairs from web


Embed a leads widget with your website.

Supercharge your repair jobs and connect your RepairCMS Cloud Account with you website.

  • Re-newed page responsive form for consumers to book in devices. Compatible with PC, tablet and phone
  • Option to enable/disable 'Need loan device'
  • Info popups how to disable 'find my device' and password for iOS and Android
  • Confirmation popup for disabling 'find my device' and password for iOS and Android
  • Confirmation popup for data backup
  • Settings to define all info and confirmation popup texts
  • Settings to define all texts for buttons
  • Settings to upload custom CSS code for different layout buttons etc
  • New layout for quote booking (insurance)
  • Option to integrate booking page into own website



The next level communication

When a message is sent, the B2B Parter / Repaircenter receives an e-mail notification and a message on the dashboard.

message to b2b


Dashboard Notification

Respond quickly to messages, all new messages are immediately displayed in the dashboard.



B2B Quotation

The Quotation is now conveniently via the B2B portal. If you have any questions, you can immediately send a message directly via RepairCMS.

accept b2b quatation repairs




Getting repair leads right now from your website

The repair booking form can be easily integrated via HTML-Snipptet on your website. For similar design as on your Homepage, you can adjust the button color or other design elements in the RepairCMS settings individually by using custom css settings.

You can integrate the Consumer Booking on your website

Here you can test the Consumer Booking

repairs from your homepage


"Find my iPhone" & "Android Google Account lock" checks are eliminated

From now on, you will only get more iPhones and Android devices wich has been"Find my iPhone" and "Google Account Security" turned off. Corresponding questions and warnings during the online repair registration ensure that the right action is taken.

find my iphone


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Manage your mobile phone repair without limits

Check out our brand new no limit features for mobile repair 



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Repairbook Pro is now RepairCMS



After 5 years being in service Repairbook Pro has been replaced by the more modern and easy to use 'RepairCMS'. Based on the latest internet technologies and faster than ever! 



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Welcome to our new Website!

We are proud to present you our new internet presence.


RepairCMS. The perfect software solution for cellphone repair workshops.

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