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The whole quotation process in RepairCMS is designed to handle mobile phone repair jobs as fast as possible. Quotes can be confirmed by your customer in a few clicks. That  provides you a fast customer response time. Repair jobs can be completed faster than ever before. The result: satisfied customers and lower costs. 


quotation repaircms


Repair service costs

Define the repair service costs and prepare for sending quotation by email.

repair-service-costsUser interface for technician


Sending Quotation 

The technician can check all details before sending the quotation by email. RepairCMS™ will automatically generate pdf as attachment. 

quotation-messageCommunication center


Benefits of RepairCMS™ Quotation:

  • Send fast quote via email
  • Send quotation pdf as attachment
  • View damage photos and repair documents online
  • Send uploaded files as attachment
  • Message can include link to confirm or deny Quotation
  • Easy and fast Quotes


quoteSample Quotation PDF