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Booking wizard

Booking wizard

Book new repair jobs in 4 steps. Each step is optimized to handle the most important information of your clients easy and fast. Live search is searching in client database when typing in the name field. You can choose the client data from a list when a similar result was found in database. An easy to use booking wizard will guide you to your first successful booking. You’ll get used of the booking process very quickly and you will love it!

repaircms-client-dataStep 1 - client data


Device data

Choose different job typs like: warranty, out of warranty, insurance job or quotation. You are able to customize and change these types in settings. The Live search function is searching automatically in IMEI field to identfy previous repair jobs.

repaircms-device-dataStep 2 - device data


Device password

Saving the client security pattern can be done easily by diagram pattern. Your technician can see that information in the job processing area.

diagramm paternstoring android security pattern


Device faults

Choose from predefined defect symptoms and upload important warranty documents or damage photos. The multiple device booking feature allows you to book multiple devices in a repair job. So when a client brings you more than one device to repair, you can save time by checking "Add more devices". 

repaircms-fault-dataStep 3 - device information 



symptomspredefined defect symptoms


Booking wizard allows you to:

  • Save time while booking multiple devices
  • Upload important documents
  • Identify user by pin
  • Assign loan device to the job
  • Preview repair pricing
  • Defining estimated repair completed date/time


Finalise booking

Simply choose a previous defined loan device from dropdown field if needed. To finalise your booking you have to submit your pin. 

repaircms finalize booking Step 4 - last step