The best proven repair acceptance form in the repair industry

A simple, well thought-out wizard helps you enter customer data and repair information in four quick steps. The wizard has a very simple design and has already been Millionfold applied in repair stores.

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Repair form for computer and cell phone repairs

Recording repairs has never been so easy

RepairCMS will be used in many different repair industries.

Repair form customer data
Capture the customer data
Enter device data
Step 2 - Device data

Device information

Different repair types such as warranty, out of warranty or estimate can be selected. If a repair type is not available, it can be selected individually according to the needs in the Settings be adjusted.

Android devices lock code

95 % of all smartphone owners activate the security keypad lock. During repair, the device often needs to be checked for all possible functions, and for this the technician needs the device's lock code. This can be easily captured during the repair acceptance and later stored in the Order processing can be called.

Android security pattern
Android security pattern
Defect description
Step 3 Problem description

Problem description

Select the corresponding problem from already predefined types of defects. Multiple selection is also possible. The corresponding repair price will be determined and displayed based on the defect, provided that the repair price has already been set previously in the Price management defined. 

Capture multiple devices to one customer

If a customer brings multiple devices for repair, it is easy to capture all devices in one step.

All defect types

The defect list can be changed as required and adapted according to the necessary device category. Thus, defect types can be created and maintained for a wide variety of devices. For example, if an e-bike repair is entered, the list is created according to the e-bike defect list.

Defect types are customizable
Step 4 Complete repair form

Employee PIN

When the repair acceptance is completed, the user is prompted for the pin. In this way, the respective employee can be clearly identified.


Order form

Print order form

Repair capture allows you to:

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